Spring Cleaning!

Thursday Apr 01st, 2021


Spring is here....and hopefully it's here to stay! 

Spring, especially in Canada, feels so refreshing. After a long and cold winter, the warm sun gives us the serotonin boost we've all been needing for the last few months. With this new-found sense of energy, it's time for some SPRING CLEANING!

Especially if you're looking to sell in the next few months, now is the perfect time to do some cleaning and de-cluttering to get ahead! Take a look below for some of our tips about spring cleaning and download our printable checklist to keep with you!

1. De-clutter!

The best way to lead up to spring cleaning is taking the time to de-clutter around the house. It can be so easy to fall into the habit of just cleaning around some of the clutter spots and 'dealing with it later'. If you're looking to spend one weekend doing your spring cleaning chores, it can be easy to lose motivation if you try to de-clutter and clean in one weekend. That being said, in the weeks leading up to your big cleaning day, pick a spot to focus on organizing the items into groups;

To Organize - This category can include anything that will still be used often around the house but may be out of place.

To Put into Storage - This category can include anything that is only used during the winter season. For instance, it can include any winter blankets or decor that you have and can be put into storage during the warmer months. 

To Donate/Giveaway - This category can include anything that you have been meaning to get rid of or items that you don't use anymore.

2. Be Sustainable!

Now that you've decluttered it's time to think about gathering all the supplies you'll need for cleaning! Look into some more sustainable options for cleaning supplies so that you aren't being wasteful. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Instead of using paper towels, use rags or cleaning cloths - you can wash these and use them for future cleaning days! 
  • Another way to be sustainable is using cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment and yourself! Using a lot of harsh chemicals at once might cause irritation to your skin. Try some cleaning product alternatives if possible! 

3. Room-by-Room & Wall-to-Wall Cleaning!

The most effective way to spring clean is to focus on cleaning one room at a time. Create some checklists for each room to help you stay organized and to make sure you don't miss any areas! Also, who doesn't love a good checklist! There is definitely a sense of accomplishment that comes with checking things off a list. You can download our Spring Cleaning Checklist below/here(?)! 

Don't forget to dust and/or wipe down the walls. Dust doesn't just build up on flat (horizontal) surfaces, it can still accumulate on the wall. Use a duster with a long handle to clean those hard-to-reach spaces. 

4. Top to Bottom Cleaning! 

A good method of spring cleaning or just cleaning, in general, is cleaning from top-to-bottom! Start by cleaning, washing, or dusting areas that are higher up and work your way to the lower areas. There is nothing more frustrating than dropping dirt onto an area that has been freshly cleaned! 

This can also apply to how you move throughout your house. Start by cleaning your upper floors and work your way to the basement. Especially when cleaning in the spring, you are putting things away that won't be needed for the next few months. You can organize your basement or storage space once everything that needs to be in there is there. This will save you from trying to figure out how to fit another bin of blankets into the space after it has already been organized! 

5. Have FUN!

The thought of Spring cleaning can sometimes be a dreadful one, so don't forget to have FUN! Use checklists or create incentives when you reach goals! You can download and print our spring cleaning guide below!



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