Moving in the Winter | Advice and Benefits!

Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2021


By: Fiona Flores-Lyons | 6-minute read

You've gone through the selling or buying process and you're asking yourself what comes next? 

Now it's time to think about moving! 

The reality is, the thought of moving is one that can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially in the winter, it is not most people's first choice. For most people, moving during a season where the wind hurts your face is less than ideal. However, there are a few benefits and things to consider.

Here are some tips and advice for moving during the winter season!

1) Work with a professional!

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Winter weather is fickle, it can be cold, damp, rainy, snowy, or name it! No one knows how to handle moving in this kind of weather better than a professional. Putting your trust in a professional is a good way to remove some of the stress that can arise. A professional moving company will care for your needs every step of the way!

Moving companies go through their peak-season during the summer months. As such, they have their peak-season and non-peak season rates (since the demand is higher in the summer, so are the prices). You would also benefit from more flexible moving dates. You will likely have plenty of options and the ability to reschedule if absolutely necessary. During peak-season, companies are working with higher demand and have limited availability. By going through with a winter move, you can save some money and have your pick of dates!

If your move is a small one or you chose to do it yourself, make sure you still consider the following points in this blog to lower the stress and ensure it is still a successful experience! 

2) Protect your floors!

With winter weather comes the snow and ice. Things can get messy very quickly with melting snow being brought in on the boots of everyone working hard to get the move done. Make sure that you or your moving company have put down floor runners to protect and prevent any damages or stains. Most professional moving companies use floor runners in their standard practice, so don't be afraid to ask about it! 

If you are doing the move yourself, consider investing in some floor protection. You can find options for floor runners at stores such as Canadian Tire. By doing so, you're protecting your floors from any damages and saving yourself the hassle of having to put your boots on and take them off multiple times throughout the day!

3) Clear the way!

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This is a crucial part of preparing for a move in the winter. Make sure you take the time to shovel the pathways and put down salt or sand to remove any ice. Trudging through deep snow or slipping on some hidden ice is never any fun on a normal day. The last thing you want on moving day is for you or a mover to slip and fall while carrying a box of your most prized possessions! 

This also applies to your new home, take some time to make sure the pathways are clear there as well. You don't want to show up to your new house on the day of the move and shovel after a long day!

4) Keep an eye on the weather!

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A Canadian winter is one of the most unpredictable things out there. In extreme cases, companies might have to cancel your move if it is unsafe for their truck and movers. However, this is not a cause for worry! As previously mentioned, companies are more flexible in the winter and will likely be able to reschedule sooner than they might be able to in the summer. So be prepared to be flexible as well! It's also important to mention, many professional movers have seen it all! They know how to handle anything mother nature throws at them - keep an eye on the weather and keep the lines of communication open with your moving company, should you notice a potential winter storm!

5) Keep essentials with you!

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Just like if you were planning on moving in the summer, it is important to keep essential items with you throughout the move. Think about the items you want available immediately when you arrive at your new place. An extra layer of clothing, extra socks, gloves, hats, even blankets! Bring these items with you in your own car in case you need them when you get to your new place. 

Some other essential items to think about:

  • Important medications for yourself and everyone in your family
  • A couple of changes of clothes
  • Priceless or irreplaceable items
  • Computers and sensitive electronics
  • Any paperwork associated with the move and your new home

6) Extra care with the fragile items!

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Winter weather increases the possibility for accidents to happen. Taking precautions like clearing the snow and putting salt on the driveway will help avoid some accidents. However, it does not hurt to take the extra time to ensure that fragile items are packed with extra care and cushioning so that they stay safe throughout the whole move. Also, the cold weather can be harmful to some electronics so consider taking certain items with you instead of transporting them on a truck. 

7) Keep warm!

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A little warmth goes a long way! The day of your move is going to be long and tiring. Before you pack away your kettle, boil some water and fill a thermos with tea, hot chocolate, or coffee! It's a simple gesture that movers will appreciate and it will keep everyone's spirit high despite the cold weather everyone is facing.

8) Think about your pets!

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On the day of your move, regardless of if you are hiring a company or doing it yourself, there will be a lot of going in and out of the house. The last thing you want to happen is for your pet to slip out without you or anyone noticing! Find an area where you can close a door and leave them with some food, water. and toys - and make it clear that no one is to open it! Or arrange for your pets to stay with a friend or family member for the day.

9) Check your Utilities!

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Speaking of the constant in and out of the house. Make sure you think about how to use your heating and electricity efficiently on the day of your move. Consider turning off or lowering the heat for one day, the furnace will be working hard to keep the house warm! This also applies to your new house! Make sure you take some time to arrange a visit to your new house before the day of your move to make sure the utilities are working properly!

10) Enjoy yourself! 

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With a little extra effort, you can make the best of the situation despite the weather. If you're hiring a company, talk to the movers, crack some jokes, provide them with a warm drink and get to know them while they take breaks! Building a good relationship with your moving company and the crew will make the day go by fast and you will feel less stressed! If you're doing it by yourself, recruit a couple of your friends, play some music, and have a pizza dinner at the end of the night to celebrate! Look for ways to make the day fun and you'll look back on your moving experience a little more fondly! 


Moving in the winter does not have to be as hard as it sounds! With a little extra thought and consideration, you can make moving day one for the books!

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