Low Cost Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

Wednesday Jul 22nd, 2020


Low-Cost Upgrades - Increase Your Home's Value

Are you looking to sell your home on a budget? Believe it or not, you don't have to invest a ton of money into upgrades and renovations to get extra value from your home! There are many small changes you can make that won't break the bank but will still impress buyers and get them more interested in making an offer. 


1) Bust out the paint

Never underestimate how far a simple coat or two of paint will go. You don't have to re-paint every single room (unless a room has specific areas you need to be covered) but instead can focus on accenting certain areas in the home. Ideas of areas to freshen up could include doors, kitchen/bathroom cabinets, closet doors, or even certain features like faucets and tiling. Make sure that the type of paint is appropriate for the task you are trying to accomplish, for example, specific ceramic paints for tiles. If you want to change up the look/feel of an entire room, consider painting an accent wall for a pop of colour. 

Extra Tip: Choose neutral colours instead of deep or rich colours. This will make sure buyers won't be turned off by a bright red or blue room and will be easy for them to paint over if they want to personalize it once they move in.

2) Swap out Lighting Fixtures

Focusing on the main rooms, a simple change in lighting can make a world of difference. Consider changing outdated dome lights in your dining room for a modern sleek chandelier. There are many beautiful options at your local hardware store that you can buy at a good deal. 

Extra Tip: Make sure that the colour temperature of the lightbulbs you install blend with each other. You can choose to have the lightbulbs a cooler temperature (leaning more towards whites) which will help the room open up or you can go with a warmer palette (yellows) for a soft inviting feel, but mixing two in the same room will clash and looks unnatural to the eyes. 

3) Spruce up Your Deck/Outdoor Area

Everyone loves a good outdoor oasis. Whether they want to entertain guests or simply have a beautiful place to relax and sip their morning coffee, the outdoor space is something that can make a buyer fall in love. Make sure that any decks or patios are safe and in good working order. Consider staining any wood to give it a new fresh look. If you have a pre-built gazebo you plan on including with the house, adding fairy lights to the roof will instantly transform the area into a magical paradise. 

Extra Tip: Don't forget about landscaping! If you are selling in the Spring or Summer, make sure that the lawn is freshly mowed before showings. Add gardens with in-season flowers, birdbaths, or even a rock garden. Bringing nature directly to your backyard is sure to impress potential buyers. 

4) Don't Forget the Little Details

Small things can make a difference. Consider adding accents to light switches or outlets. Switch out old door handles for new elegant ones. Even something like the house numbers can be used to add some flare to the house and make it stand out from the rest of the houses on the market. 

Extra Tip: While adding small details will help attract buyers, make sure that the changes you make are not too flashy or tacky. Go for simple but elegant, and make sure everything is easy to change should the new buyer wish to change it. 

5) Clean, clean, and clean some more

The best/easiest way to freshen up your home? Make sure that everything is deep cleaned. It will only cost you the cost of cleaning materials and time but will go miles towards making your home look fresh and help buyers fall in love. Make sure to get areas like baseboards, tile grout, and window sills. If you can see it, clean it. 


These are just a few tips, but there are many other things you can do on a budget to help increase the value of your home. Do you have ideas we can add to this list? What areas do you look at most when you are looking at a home? Let us know! 


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