Friday's Featured- 7948 Springhill Road

Friday Feb 14th, 2020


Large Property, Close to Ottawa... Lots of Potential


7948 Springhill Road

Ottawa, ON



Located just off of Bank Street, in the South area of Ottawa, this beautiful home offers a lot of hidden potential.

The existing structure features a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a separate in-law suite, stables for large farm animals, a workshop, and plenty of open field for grazing. The upstairs portion of the house has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a large living room, and an open kitchen- perfect for entertaining! The in-law suite is connected to the upstairs and has a bedroom, bathroom, and office/den. The in-law suite is private and walks out to the backyard, and includes all of the appliances in the unit. 

The gem of this property lies in what it can be turned into. With the zoning, it could be converted into a spa/retreat (owner can live in retreat with 10+ additional rooms), a bed and breakfast, a horse stable, workshop/headquarters for a small-mid sized construction company, dog kennel, and much more! The possibilities are endless, making this property great for either buyers looking for a new home or investors looking to turn a property into a running business. 

About The Area

7948 Springhill Road is located approximately a 35 minute drive from downtown Ottawa, near Metcalfe. It is located 1 minute down Springhill from Bank, so it is easy to find but does not get a lot of sounds from any nearby traffic. 

The community of Metcalfe, only a 6 minute drive away, has a couple of parks, a fitness and events center, a school, and an RBC bank. If you go further North on Bank street, you are within a 10 minute drive from doctors offices, community centers, grocery stores, and churches. It will never take very long to get where you need to go from this property!


Who is This Property Ideal For?

This property would be ideal for 2 different types of buyers. Any large family looking for a home in a quiet area but still close to all amenities, and those who have a business they would like to settle down into the property. With so many different businesses that could be established here, it leaves plenty of room for almost any buyer. 


For more information, or to book a showing, please call

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