Celebrating a Safe Holiday Season

Monday Dec 07th, 2020


Celebrating a Safe Holiday Season

Tips to Enjoy Your Holidays While Being COVID Wise.

This year has certainly given us a lot of firsts and made us change in the way we usually do things. Whether we have had to cancel usual travel plans, begin working from home instead of in the office, or change the way we shop, eat out, and generally live our lives, each person has had to make personal sacrifices throughout this pandemic. We do so to keep our family, friends, and neighbours safe, and while it is difficult it is appreciated by each person we are protecting. While the pandemic will eventually end, we are once again looking at a change in how we usually celebrate our holiday season. 

Most people are used to gathering for the holidays. Whether it is with family or friends, for dinners or parties, the holiday seasons are usually a time for togetherness. This year health officials say that we can still celebrate the holidays, but in order for it to be safe, it will look different than we are used to. With the biggest recommendations being to celebrate in-person with your close household, there are plenty of ways that you can connect with family and friends from outside the household as well. We have gathered together some ideas to give you a good start on your holiday planning this year. 

Host a Virtual Party

Not being able to gather in person doesn't mean that you can't see your friends and family. There are various platforms for hosting virtual parties out there such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hang-Outs. Come up with some activities ahead of time that everyone can participate in, get the decorations up, and party together online! Some ideas of activities could include:

  • Opening gifts virtually
  • Virtual Karaoke night or a dance party
  • Virtual tours of each families neighbourhoods, showing off all the festive lights their neighbours have put up
  • "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest 
  • Watching a holiday movie together

Attend a Socially-Distanced Outside Event

There are plenty of events happening around Ottawa that are being set up for social distancing and outdoors. Make some hot chocolate to bring ahead of time and check out one of the many different drive-thru Christmas Lights displays, such as the Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Park or stop by Confederation Boulevard and Parliament Hill for Christmas Lights Across Canada. Even organizing a car train (with everyone in their own cars) to drive through some well-illuminated streets in Ottawa can be a fun way to connect!

Video Chat with Santa

For children celebrating Christmas, this year might be especially hard and confusing without the normal visit with Santa at various events or in-mall visits. Luckily there are other options! Santa's Club has a service where you can either order a custom video from Santa or even schedule a 5-minute live chat with him! Instead of the usual long wait in line for 30 seconds facetime with Santa in the mall, you get a much more intimate experience for your children to remember forever. 

Do Christmas Crafts

If there is one thing children will always love it is craft time! From glitter to glue, the art of making something with your hands excites and delights them, and seeing your kids having fun with holiday cheer is bound to make parents happy too! Simply Google "Christmas Crafts for Kids" and you are bound to find lists upon lists of different crafts to choose from. 

Bake Christmas Treats

Baking Christmas treats is a great way to celebrate some festive cheer while making your home smell delicious. You can make sugar cookies to decorate with kids or any other number of other treats that are sure to delight. You can even do this with families who are further apart by hosting a Christmas Bake-Off! For added excitement, you can package some up and deliver them to a neighbour or family member who might be feeling a bit lonely this holiday season. 

Start New Traditions

You may not be able to observe all of your normal traditions but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't start new ones! Have a  weekly family games night with Christmas songs playing, dress up for silly Christmas photos, or have a Christmas movie countdown with a different movie playing each night! 


Your holidays may look different this year but they can still be as magical as always with a little creativity. Hopefully, this small list has been of value to you and helped you come up with a few ideas! If you have any other ideas, let us know! We will add them to our list!

Whatever plans you have or however you choose to celebrate, we would like to wish you a

Happy and Safe holiday, filled with love and joy!

Of course, if you need anything, we are always here for you. 

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