Moe-Tivational Mondays - Turning Business Ideas Into Reality

Do you have a BUSINESS Idea?


We at Invest Property want to support you in your goals - not just your real estate goals. So Moe will dedicate Mondays to Moe-tivational material (AKA Moe-tivational Mondays).


This is supportive material that may turn your 'spark' into a flame!


Have you ever had an idea, but didn't know how to turn it into reality? Look no further than the ROCK MY BUSINESS seminar series by Futurpreneur.


I attended one of these in person in August 2019, and it was very valuable. So much so that I want to do these every year or every other year.


This is a program that has 3 segments (  and focuses on supporting young entrepreneurs, BUT the web series is available to ALL entrepreneurs. (In fact, I will be on them myself)


This week of January 17, the seminar is ROCK MY BUSINESS IDEA , where they help us turn an idea into reality. 


As an entrepreneur, who pursued many businesses in my youth, and now 16 years as a Realtor, I have invested money, effort and time on trial and error... due to me not patiently testing the idea before investment.


The GREAT THING about these WEBINARS... it is FREE and you can pursue your idea in a format that others have had success with.


Also, by the conversation and training, your creative mind may come up with a better version... which is priceless and can make and save you a lot of time and money.


So go for it... what do you have to lose???!! It's a 3-hour investment that won't disappoint.


So dive in, block your calendar, turn off your phone and distractions and give your IDEA the life it deserves....