Is it just me... or does this New Year feel different?

In Ottawa and Ontario in general, we had an announcement of lockdown of indoor facilities, restaurants, gyms and SCHOOLS, which put a damper on our environments.


When the days seem gloomy and cold, and the people you encounter are acting the same way... how can you rise above?


I find first and foremost, to expect that with good times can come tough times... so enjoy the good times. Take in and enjoy the time with family and friends and don't buy into the bad attitudes and drama of others.


That's the baseline of personal power. If we don't get that right, the rest won't count, fair? 


Second step is showing up. Question: When do you feel better... when you have a scheduled day off, or a day off due to circumstances? The former is the one that builds personal power... the latter I find can drain it tremendously.


You may say... I need rest. That we do, but scheduled rest is best. Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive, sometimes 'forced rest' is going to happen... but fighting through it and doing the work anyway brings PERSONAL POWER.


Commitments to self: Wake up at a certain time, do a workout regardless if the gym is closed, EATING CLEAN when cookies are on the counter... that builds personal power.


Third step... quiet time with self... when does THIS happen? First thing in the morning is my favorite time, about 2-2.5hrs before anyone wakes up. It gives me time to exercise, read, and THINK. Intentional thinking brings EXTREME personal power.


We could talk more, but this is good for now. Let's recap: 


Step 1: Expect resistance from the environment and those around, but be kind to them and yourself anyway. Let it be like water off your back.

Step 2: Schedule time off and don't give in when it's easy. Push through the fluff. Do the work. Think about your future self and honor them. They deserve the personal power to thrive.

Step 3: Quiet time with self. However long, and away from phone and computer is ideal.

Also, Think for a change... means you're thinking for a change in your life.


Which Step will you take today???!!


Have a blessed day,