Your kids/grandkids - how do we help them invest?

For the parents, grandparents, and guardians of Generation Z (those born between 96 - 2012), it's important that you teach your kids/grandkids how to better invest. Each generation has faced different financial challenges and we can all attest that investing plays a crucial part in making our lives (both present and future) more financially secure.

So, how do we educate Gen Z and future generations on the importance of making their hard-earned money work best for them? Here are a few tips:

1. Teach them the importance of Compounding. Compounding is a powerful and significant process in investing - already generated earnings from an asset are reinvested to garner ever more earnings over time. This is called the TMV concept (or time value of money).

2. Secondly, creating a budget can help help them with cash flow management. A budget can be used to ensure they have complete control over their money. This will allow them to put aside money for future  investments.