Weekend ready???!!!

They say TGIF... but are we ready for the gems the weekend can bring us... or is it just another day?

Today, I want to help set you up for the weekend.

As I grow wiser, I realize strategy is an important part of our lives, which benefits our health, our spirituality, our relationship and our finances. This results in peace of mind.

Though I am your trusted Real Estate salesperson and advisor, I'm also human and want the best for you. So today is not a real estate blog - tomorrow is :)

Prep for the weekend...

First, I get as much sleep as I can. Going to bed early and waking up early makes a great Saturday, and a refresh for the rest of the week. TIP: It's best to not have junk food or very little on Friday to make this enjoyable.

When you  wake up, give yourself some grace. it's Saturday! Move at your own pace. The next step is to start to de-clutter.

Whether you are selling your home or not, this is a FANTASTIC way to tap into new energy in your body and mind. De-cluttering a few items and selling them, or better yet, giving them away that day gives you freedom and accomplishment.

Also, de-clutter your thoughts. Do you need to make some decisions taking up space in your head? Decisions are the life-blood that fuels our existence. It's not the 'yes' or 'no' that hurts us... it's the 'maybe's'. Get the info you need and make a decision.

Strategize. Spend an hour thinking calmly WITHOUT a phone or computer... write down your thoughts, read 10 pages... strategize your day or your 'next move'. It will empower you.

Take action on that strategy as well, a little step... can get you started on the journey.

Lastly, enjoy your afternoon and evening with your friends and family. Now that you have energy, accomplishment and peace of mind, I give you this rhyme. It may sound cliche, but it's not. It's truly powerful if we take it seriously...

"Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." - Mark Twain

Be Blessed,