8 Packing Tips to Help Eliminate Stress!

Thursday May 13th, 2021


Moving is a huge task to undertake, especially when it comes to packing everything you own into boxes! There are so many steps to the process and it's hard to feel fully prepared when it comes to moving day. Here are a few tips to eliminate some of the stress that you may be feeling: 1) Give yourself PLENTY of time to pack. Try not to procrastinate and set time aside to focus completely on packing. One recommendation is to pack for at least one hour a day. This should help make... [read more]

Moving in the Winter | Advice and Benefits!

Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2021


By: Fiona Flores-Lyons | 6-minute read You've gone through the selling or buying process and you're asking yourself what comes next?  Now it's time to think about moving!  The reality is, the thought of moving is one that can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially in the winter, it is not most people's first choice. For most people, moving during a season where the wind hurts your face is less than ideal. However, there are a few benefits and... [read more]


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