8 Packing Tips to Help Eliminate Stress!

Thursday May 13th, 2021


Moving is a huge task to undertake, especially when it comes to packing everything you own into boxes! There are so many steps to the process and it's hard to feel fully prepared when it comes to moving day.

Here are a few tips to eliminate some of the stress that you may be feeling:

1) Give yourself PLENTY of time to pack. Try not to procrastinate and set time aside to focus completely on packing. One recommendation is to pack for at least one hour a day. This should help make this task feel less daunting! The goal here is to feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished throughout the process. 

2) PURGE! Getting rid of items that hold little value to you can be a very freeing feeling. The weight of having too much stuff can lead people to put off packing until the last minute and we all know how much fun it is to scramble to get everything done on the day of.

There are many options for those who decide to declutter without creating more waste:

3) Create packing zones on each floor or in each room. Pick an area to keep all of your packing supplies, including moving boxes, markers, scissors, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, empty boxes, etc. in these areas so these materials are easily accessible. This is a true time-saver!

4) Begin packing rooms or areas that aren't needed for daily use. Think your basement, spare/guest room, garage, etc. You can clear these spaces out quickly without fear of packing away important items.

5) Label EVERYTHING! The labels should include what room the boxes belong in and if the items inside are fragile. Some people also colour code their labels! 

6) Make a checklist of what not to pack. Unfortunately, we can't just shove everything away before the move, as tempting as that may seem. We have to be a bit more strategic about determining what's essential to keep out and what's not. Things like clothing, toiletries, face masks, hand sanitizer, paperwork for the move, money/ID, phone chargers, tools, cleaners, food, etc. Gather the essentials, check them off your list, and store these in a separate box, suitcase, or tote bag.

7) Ensure that heavier stuff gets packed into the bottom of the box. The objective here is to not damage the lighter items or yourself. Distributing weight properly is an imperative part of the process and can save you from injuring yourself.

8) Ask for help or hire professionals. Recruiting friends is a bit more challenging these days, so to reduce stress, it may be beneficial to hire professionals. While more costly, moving can be extremely overwhelming and it can be worth the added expense to bring in professionals.

We hope these tips will help with your next move! Feel free to post your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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