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3 Tips for Working from HOME

Wednesday Jan 20th, 2021


The new stay-at-home order has many people working remotely again. Without a doubt, everyone's situation is different and everyone's environment is unique. Everyone deals with working from home differently. One thing in common might be the questions of...

How can I stay motivated? How can I stay productive?  

It's also important to be PROACTIVE about dealing with the inevitable WFH Burnout.  

Here are some tips for staying MOTIVATED and PRODUCTIVE while working from home to avoid the feeling of burnout. 

1) Create a Designated Workspace

Just like when you are buying a home, LOCATION is KEY. Taking the time to create a designated workspace for yourself is important. When working in an office, you have your own desk, maybe even your own office where you can shut the door and be free of distractions. At home, distractions are everywhere! The idea of attending morning meetings from your bed is definitely an appealing one...until you fall asleep! It can be as simple as claiming a portion of the kitchen table or setting up a table in your living room. So, get out of bed, or off the couch and get in touch with your inner interior designer! 

2) Create a Focused Schedule 

When working from home it can be easy to lose track of time. It's easy to spend time on busywork that makes you feel productive rather than spending time on important tasks. Take some time to create a focused task list that you can refer to throughout the week. This list does not just include your office tasks. For instance, think about how you can take breaks. A 5-minute break at home can easily lead to you getting distracted and taking more time than anticipated. Schedule a walk to the mailbox for a certain time, or even something as simple as a walk to the kitchen to refill your water. Making a schedule allows you to see how your day will play out and ensures that you take the necessary breaks to maintain a healthy mindset while working at home. 

3) Maintain Work & Social Boundaries

One of the biggest issues that people struggle with while working from home is knowing when to stop thinking about work. For many people, work stays at the office and doesn't come home with them. However, with this new set-up, work is a "mouse shake" away at all times. For some, it can be difficult to spend their evening winding down. This mindset is one of the biggest causes of feeling burnt out. So what can you do to avoid this?

Create and maintain boundaries! 

Think of the first tip! Creating a designated workspace is the first step in creating boundaries. Next, try to incorporate something physical or meditative at the end of your workday. Although you may not realize it, your commute home from work was a huge chunk of time that you used to de-stress or wind down from being at the office. Now that you are working from home and your commute is pretty much non-existent. Make a point of going outside for a walk, doing a workout, or reading a book. 

Taking time for yourself at the end of the day to wind down helps you fight those feelings of burnout and stay motivated for the rest of the week. 

Let us know in the comments any tips you have for working from home or fighting burnout!


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